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About Streamark

Established in 2005, Streamark is presently a UK based company, having its development department stationed in Bucharest, Romania and global operational offices in Melbourne, Australia. Starting from 2012, Streamark is a member of the Heurston Group PLC
Taking the next step in advanced technology, Streamark allows people to watch TV, show videos, locate friends, find places to buy and exchange Multi Mobile Messages wherever they are.

Streamark technology is being offered to mobile operators, TV stations, mobile phone manufacturers and web & mobile portals to provide added value to their services. We are not integrators of 3rd party solutions. We are developing all our products in house with a highly experimented and motivated team. We use the latest developing tools to build our own line of products and services and also tailor made solutions for our highly valued customers. Having such rich background in software development enables us to always say yes to unique features and products that our partners require.


Misha Pigulea (Romania)
Exec. Director/ CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)
Misha is a multilingual executive with over 15 years of experience in marketing and communication. Listed in the Hubner's Who is Who since 2003, Mr. Pigulea has served as publisher of more than five major magazines and newspapers, as an editorialist and press correspondent for newspapers and international magazines.
Since 2005, Misha has served as the General Manager of Expresion Media SRL, a full-service advertising agency.
Mr. Pigulea is a Faculty Member of the Bucharest University, in the Foreign Languages and Literature Faculty, holding degrees from the Romanian Ministry of Youth (Journalism School) and the Romanian Business School of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry - various modules. He also holds the position of Exec. Director of Heurston Group PLC.

Marino R. Sussich (Australia)
Exec. Director
Marino is a highly creative entrepreneur who has a thorough understanding of the international business environment. He has strong focus on team building and problem solving abilities with a particular focus on innovative sales techniques. Marino has developed and managed several successful international companies over the last 20 years including Australian Brewing Corporation Pty Ltd.
He also holds the position of Chairman/ CEO of Heurston Group PLC.

Razvan Orlando Matei (Romania)
Exec. Director/ CTO (Chief Technical Officer)
Orlando is the founder of Streamark and has written applications under related brands name for more than a dozen years, from freeware and shareware applications to core technologies for communication, streaming, database processing and geo-positioning and tracking.
Mr. Matei has been awarded numerous prizes and grants for his work, including first prize at the Inventica Competition 2007, High Commendation from CNR UNESCO for Outstanding Achievements, membership in the prestigious Hubner's Who is Who in Romania. His place of residence is Bucharest, Romania.