STREAMARK introduce its latest development: STREAMPORT “dynamic portal framework for online platforms”


After extensive internal development Streamark Limited is pleased to announce that its Streamport technology has now been completed and is ready to be used in its proposed B2C and B2B opportunities.

This development is truly ground-breaking and can be simply described as a “Dynamic Portal Framework for Online Platforms”. It is a unique way of distributing an unlimited number of online streaming platforms in one single native app for each operating system and on one web portal.

The patent has been lodged for the EU and US in order to commence the process to protect the invention.

Streamport is an extension of Streamark’s Streamaster which is its flagship “end to end live streaming offering”. Notwithstanding Streamaster is a leading-edge technology, when combined with Streamport it provides a truly unique and compelling offering.

Currently individual platforms are separate and therefore the users have to install several applications to access all the desired content. The revolutionary Streamport technology uses a procedure to unify an unlimited number of platforms into one framework, one application and one web portal.

The main advantages of the invention are:

  • Unification of online digital content distribution platforms;
  • Creating benchmarks of quality and reliability;
  • Reorganizing the offering for an very efficient market penetration;
  • Familiar UX/UI throughout the whole offering;
  • Optimising the storage space required on smart devices. One application with a small fixed size storage, no matter the number of subordinate platforms included;
  • Optimising the updating process and reducing the bandwidth consumption of such processes. The updating is done at the framework level, simultaneously changing all the subordinated platforms;
  • Optimising the marketing budgets by a much easier promotion of niche products and limitation of the untargeted campaigns/ misfires;
  • Optimising the advertising procedures. All subordinate platforms benefit from the advertising on the main framework level/ portal and also from the individual subordinate platform advertising, directly or indirectly;
  • Achieving a much more efficient targeted content discovery recommendation process.

Now that this extensive development has been completed Streamark will be announcing in the near future details about its B2C plans.